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Hello & Welcome to Ahuzat Shaul, Hadera.

Hi, I’m Dorit Shaul the proud owner of Ahuzat Shaul. We are a single parent family. I’m with a master’s degree in education, a school principal, a former dancer and choreographer.

We have 5 children, of whom 4 are biologists and 1 are adopted. Children attend schools and universities from the age of 11 at the same time.

It is important to me that people come to visit the Holy Land and that is why I established Shaul’s estate. In order to be able to support all of us with dignity, we opened a second business, a school for children from 3-15 years old.

What is special about our family is the connection within the family and within the businesses and because of this we feel that we can help a large part of the population in any area we can.

I will be happy to help you spend a wonderful vacation in the Holy Land.

Dorit Shaul

The Shaul family


Dorit Shaul


About Ahuzat Shaul

Hadera is a beautiful city, located on the beach and its location in the center of Israel. 30 minutes from Tel Aviv Haifa or Ben Gurion Airport and only 90 minutes from Jerusalem.

Ahuzat Shaul is located in the heart of Hadera and owner of multi properties for rent in Hadera. All the properties are close to the sea, 10 minutes away.

All properties are equipped with free Wi-Fi, coffee machine, kitchenette, flat-screen TV, bathroom and free toiletries. One apartment is equipped with a 2-meter jacuzzi pool. The rooms can accommodate 1 to 10 guests each.

Ahuzat Shaul allowed coming with your pet. We love animals and who doesn’t want to travel with his pet? we know that it’s very hard in Israel to find a place that allowed animals. With a lot of joy, you can come with your lovely pet to Ahuzat Shaul.

Would you like to have meals to your room or cook with us Local food? The home kitchen offers varied Israeli meals in a number of ways ready or shared cooking.

Free Parking.