How to find us​

How to find us​

Ben Gurion Airport – Hadera-West train station

Ben Gurion Airport –Take a train to Hadera-West Station.

Hadera-West train station– Take a Taxi cup or bus number 15, between 10-15 minutes you will get to Hagiborim/Hanassi Weizmann. Then go on HaNassi Weizmann to Lavotskin street. We are in the middle of the street waiting to meet you. ????

Ahuzat Shaul Center of Hadera City

Urban Market– 300m – Big Mall– 200m – Local food Restaurants– 200m – Olga Beach – 3 miles  – Old City Caesarea– 7 miles


Hadera is the Center of Israel

Jarusalem– 70 miles – Tel Aviv– 30 miles – Natanya– 12 miles – Caesarea– 7 miles – Haifa– 30 miles – Tiberias– 50 miles


Ahuzat Shaul
Lavotskin 49,